ZEUS - Artillery Tactical and Fire Control Simulation
Zeus is a multi-mode artillery tactical and fire control constructive simulation used for teaching and training artillery battalion, battery officers and reconnaissance soldiers in team or in personal exercises.
It is a teaching and training tool for the artillery battalion/battery commanders.

ZEUS is a simulation to teach and practice the battalion and battery commanders individually or in a team how to plan, make decisions and execute fire missions. During the execution it provides realistic results of the fire missions calculating the terrain, target properties, the preset weather and ballistic condition.
It is a training tool for reconnaissance soldiers and fire observation officers.

Officers can observe and measure the targets and clouds of explosions, adjust the fire. Can practice the co-operation with the battery commander
It is a connecting device for participation in a CAX.

Connects to Marcus CAX simulation, develops team spirit between the trainees and the land force commanders participating in combat or OOTW scenario CAX training.
The most important features of ZEUS simulation are:
Consists features for decision making practice:

Supports the steps of the commanders' Decision Making Process. Provides template documents, layers and matrices, handles access rights. The decision-based scenarios can be executed real time for checking their feasibility.
Provides Realistic Virtual Battlefield:

The simulation provides representation all aspects of the battlefield, physical objects and phenomena. Scenarios contain units from soldiers up to brigades, any desired formations, weapons' capability and force deployment in the battlefield, both for own forces and the enemy. The equipment can manoeuvre, fire according to its ability. Batteries with different structures can be set-up. Observer points can be freely located. Artillery can fire with different types of grenades (timed, illuminating and smoke) fitted with impact and delay fuses. Both eastern and western type and non-standard fire procedures can be practiced.
Detailed Modelling:

High resolution digitised terrain (Mixed raster 20x20 m and vector representation). Environmental Factors: Light condition, Wind, Rain, Snow, Temperature. Meteorological parameters can be defined at a standard height of 0-8000m that affects the trajectory and clouds of explosion. Dispersion of the projectiles is also calculated.
Modelled gun types:

D-20 152 mm gun-howitzer
122 mm 2S1 self-propelled howitzer
122 mm BM-21 multiple rocket launcher
82 mm mortar
Arbitrary artillery guns can be used simply by changing software modules
On-the-spot reconnaissance:

Real-time 3 D /Stealth visualization of the relief, terrain features and the equipment. Ground and aerial bursts are generated. Realistic sound effects can be heard with appropriate delay. Laser range finder and compass models are provided for the reconnaissance soldiers.
Easy operating:

User-friendly, menu-driven, windows-oriented user interface. Multilingual, languages can be used simul-taneously.
Extensive AAR functions:

Activities of the trainees are stored and evaluated in batteries and fire platoons. The ballistic elements can be calculated for the planned targets. Continuous save, Search and Replay capability.

Direct connection to the MARCUS simulation to practice the co-operation with the commanders of the combat forces.
Easy Customization:

Extendible scenario archives.
Easy extension of terrain database and entities.
Units, equipment, ammunition etc. can be customized within seconds.
Flexible assignment of the workstation-controlled units.
ZEUS simulation configuration:

8 Windows PC and one computational server running Windows Server. ZEUS provides a practically unlimited ability to run battalion, battery or individual exercises.
Further options

Software customization for customer’s specific needs, e.g.: HLA interface customization to other simulators. Possibility of technology transfer: source code delivery, training of engineers, support. Flexible license const-ructions.