MTR - Operation planning and execution support system
MTR facilitates the military planning and decision making process on computers, support the staff team work, and gives invaluable help to the military leaders during the execution of the prepared plans.
MTR – Application benefits

Reduces the time consumption necessary for making operational plans
Improves the basis for decisions, provide the means for the essential checking of adequacy
Modernizes the presentation of information
Improves the exchange and handling of information among staff members
Improves and extends the use of computer assisted exercises (CAX).
Provides efficient support for tactical command and control, supplies all the required information of a command and control system during operation plan execution, distributes and evaluates the correlated plans and data
Support functions

MTR provides an advanced environment for practicing the elaboration and execution process of an operation plan
The military planning and decision making process can be carried out with the support of a computer aided expert system
Gives the possibility to plan and try out disaster relief and crisis management plans
The operational plans and the related documents can be created on an integrated network of workstations using team-work technologies
Helps to get practical experience on the modernization of the current planning methods
It includes several modules such as:

Illustration of the current or planned operational situation shown on digital or scanned map or satellite image using standard APP-6 symbology (scenarios can contain any desired formations, weapons capability and force deployment in the battlefield, for 16 different participant sides, including the own forces and the enemy)
Representation of the battlefield environment factors (Light condition, wind, rain, snow, temperature, cloud-base)
Digital terrain database (mixed raster and vector representation, usage of different standards )
Tactical database (Armament, equipment, vehicle parameters for NATO, FSU and other countries)
Force structure, order of battle handling (tandem peace-time and war-time structure, dislocation, readiness class and time, manpower, equipment, stock data, typical structures)
Assessment functions

Terrain assessment functions (Trafficability, line of sight calculations, terrain cover considering the dynamic terrain)
Tactical assessment functions (Force ratio calculations, attrition estimation)
Logistical assessment functions (Calculation of logistical capabilities, trip time)
Decision making support

Data mining, surplus/deficiencies data
Staff work, handling and tracking of commanders’ timetable, handling of documents and decision support matrices
Handling of the planning and execution phases, layers (courses of actions, decision points, assessments of the possibilities of the planned operations, handling phase slide shows)
Distributed planning
Document templates and report generation support
Other features

Easy customization (User defined echelons and force structures, user defined workstation assignment, quick modification of the digitized terrain and map database)
User-friendly, menu-driven, windows-oriented user interface
Case sensitive help
Multilingual, languages can be used simultaneously
Data security (User identification, logging of access data)
Connection to other systems
Easy archive handling
Further options

Software customization for customer’s specific needs.
Possi-bility of technology transfer: source code delivery, training of engineers, support.
Flexible license constructions.