KRONOS Simulator
KRONOS is a reconfigurable platoon level 3D virtual tactical simulator.
KRONOS provides an environment where mounted or dismounted infantry, tank and antitank units can exercise their jobs in a team or as an individual in a realistically visualized world. Squad and platoon leaders and their subordinates can be trained how to cooperate in a combat. It also provides detailed functions for vehicles' crew members, especially for the gunners with highly realistic weapon characteristics.
Operation concept:

Trainees have dedicated PC workstations with a user interface specific to their vehicle and weapon system, that are controlled with joystick and keyboard.
During combat he can observe the surroundings through his prisms and binoculars just like in reality.
Shots and explosions can be seen in the terrain; realistic sound effects can be heard.
The operation of the modelled weapons and equipment requires the execution of every essential handling steps of the real weapons and equipment (not just a „shooting game”)
Vehicle crew and unit personnel can communicate with each other using an imitated radio network.
Using KRONOS the following training topics and team can be practiced:

firing instruction
tactics, combat service
logistics, (marches, ammunition resupply, ...)
UAV and helicopter recce
fire observer, fire support group
air liaison team, recon troops
other special teams
Simulated equipment:

Armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles, e.g.: BTR-80, BTR-80/A, BRDM-2;
antitank missiles, e.g.: Fagot (Spigot), Metis (Saxhorn);
self-propelled antitank missile complexes, e.g.: Konkurs (Spandrel);
gun-howitzers, e.g.: D-20;
tanks, e.g.: T-72;
hand weapons, e.g.: AK47, RPG-7, hand grenades, IEDs
all-terrain utility vehicles;
civil and transport vehicles;
aircrafts, UAVs;
The visualization deals with

Editable terrain database: using standard digital maps combined with aerial/satellite photos from anywhere in the Earth
Urban areas with street furniture, interior of buildings
Equipment, military vehicles, photo realistic models (expandable model library) with their interiors
Main controlling instruments and indicators
Lifelike visualization of the optical devices
Realistically limited observation possibilities
Trajectory of fired projectiles and antitank missiles, muzzle flashes
Place of hits, explosions, impacts, flares; destruction, injury
Soldiers animation, hand signs
Uniform of 5 different nations
Visual effects

smoke screen
dust and smoke
sight of night vision goggles
illuminating projectiles
The physical modeling deals with:

Firing equipment operational characteristics
• controlling devices, feedback lamps
• rate of fire, speed of operations and operational constrains
• distance measuring, sight settings.
Projectile properties
• zeroing, controllability
• ballistics, correction factors, probability of hit/kill, dispersion
• antitank and destruction effect.
Stabilizer (tank), failures
Vehicle driving
• vision through prisms
• simplified driving with a joystick
• vehicle movement characteristic and dynamic effects
Meteorological effects
Sound and noise effects
KRONOS is HLA compliant (NETN FOM), installed on PC network environment without using expensive weapon and vehicle mockups.
KRONOS is a reconfigurable system. Different equipment can be simulated on the same hardware configuration and different units can use them after software reconfiguration.